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Consultation & Hair Goals Session


Let's talk about your hair concerns. Feel free to provide inspiration pics, or whatever it takes to help you achieve your best hair yet! Whether you are a new or returning guest a 15-minute complimentary session will help us determine your needs. Book your session today so we can start dreaming of your new look! *note* the New Guest Welcome session includes a consultation, so no need to book an additional session.

Haircut & Style

(Current Guests)


A great haircut is just a few snips away! If you've had a cut here before and you're loving your current look and looking maintain it this is the appointment for you!


If you're craving a brand-new look or you need a little extra TLC let's get you scheduled for a"shape change" to allow ample time to create some magic!

Haircut Shape Change

(for guests more than 3 months since the last visit)



Breathe new life into your hair with a shape change! Even if your current style has served you well sometimes you just need a fresh, new look. So, let's come up with something to satisfy that brand-newness you crave!


The allotted appointment time will allow us time to renew your look and to restore lost shape or texture. As always, you will receive a wash & style, plus we will share the perfect tips and tricks to help you easily recreate your new style on your own.

Full Head Highlights

(all guests)


Full highlights cover nearly all the hair, as the name suggests. This highlight option is perfect for those preferring hair color consisting of highs and lows, to enhance or change their natural shade. To cover the whole head with highlights you can count on an average of 120+ foils.

Extensions Consultation


Thicker, fuller, longer hair is just around the corner. If you are thinning on the sides, desire more fullness, or are craving extra length it’s all available to you. Let’s meet for a brief session so I can help you discern whether hand-tied wefts, i-tip, or keratin fusion extensions are best for you. The non-refundable consultation fee will be applied to your extension service when it is completed.

Partial Balayage

(current guests)


Balayage is a beautiful hand-painting color technique resulting in a lived-in, low-maintenance look that grows out seamlessly. Pinterest-worthy root shadows, money pieces, and softer faded ends are what we think of when using the term balayage, even though this look can be obtained in many ways. Includes gloss and blowout.


This service is typically targeting the areas around the face, part, and crown area. *Prices vary according to the length and density of hair.

Haircut Welcome Session
(New Guests)


If you are new here, WELCOME! Your first visit with us will include a consultation, haircut, shampoo/scalp massage, and blowout. (usually a 90-minute visit). To help you achieve the most success with styling your new look we will share personalizes styling tips and product recommendations so you can easily recreate your new look. PLUS you will go home with a complimentary weekender size set of the recommended shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs. 

Root Touch-Up

(all guests)


This is a single-color root touchup for roots of 1/2 inch or less. Typically guests select this option for grey coverage or when they would like a root smudge to give a root shadow or to add more depth to their highlighted hair. A blow-dry style is included. 

PLEASE NOTE: Roots grown out past 1/2 inch or very dense hair may require an extra bowl or more of color. 

Additional fee = $25/bowl.)

Keratin Smoothing

(all guests)


Transform frizzy, difficult, or kinky curly hair into soft, manageable beautiful locks. Reduce your drying and styling time by 33-50%. Enjoy no wait time to wash, color, exercise, or pull back with clips or a ponytail.


You'll leave the salon looking fantastic with completely wearable hair. Duration up to 5 months. The average service time is generally 2.5+ hrs. Consultation is encouraged before booking.

Partial Highlight

(current guests)


Highlights to brighten around the hairline (front and back) and the part. Includes gloss and a stellar blowout. *Price varies according to length and density of hair. New guests should schedule a brief consultation (virtual or in person) before booking.

Mini Highlight (or face-frame)


This service is for face-framing or selective areas of highlights to personalize your look. Includes a gloss and blowout. Price varies according to the length and density of hair. It's recommended that new guests schedule a consultation before booking.

Full Clipper Cut

(current guests)


A 45-minute personalized haircut to bring your shape up to speed. This classic refresher service includes overall shaping plus a shampoo, scalp massage, and rough-dry.

Highlights to brighten around the hairline (front and back) and the part. Includes gloss and a stellar blowout. *Price varies according to length and density of hair. New guests should schedule a brief consultation (virtual or in person) before booking. 


Karla Jean after hours

(all guests)


Karla Jean After Hours is our exclusive service at a premium rate for guests wishing to receive services on their own schedule in order to maintain life balance.

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