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Karla Mironov


As a stylist of many years working in New York City, I've come to take pride in my work, and so I’ve refined a unique approach to haircutting that combines effortless French style with meticulous attention to detail. I enjoy bringing out the best in your hair to deliver beautiful, yet low-maintenance looks that highlight your natural beauty. My service offerings range from fresh pixies and crisp bobs to long layers and perfectly lived-in color. In addition to giving you a great hair service, I share tips and tricks to style your hair at home, so you can feel confident and beautiful, whether running errands or walking the red carpet.


Hair extensions and non-surgical hair replacement, for any gender. I specialize in shaping hair and incorporating extensions and hair systems that enhance the features unique to you. Because of the rise in hair loss over the past few years, due to stress, illness, genetics, rapid weight loss, hormone imbalances, and other factors, I have studied hair loss patterns and problems, and how I can help you navigate that journey. If I can help alleviate some of that stress we can get you back on the path to feeling like a more confident and beautiful (or handsome!) version of you! 

With the elite 'dry-cut' technique, you'll get a long-lasting and effortless look. This technique, developed by the legendary John Sahag, is an innovative approach to shaping hair while it is dry so that you can see the hair freely move. Conversely, with my precision techniques acquired working with Nick Arrojo of Bravo TV’s What Not to Wear, you'll get a cut that suits your unique look and can be styled by you with ease. 

My passion for giving fabulous attention to detail will bring you the confidence you crave - looks that are easy, chic, and super laid-back for that nonchalant, French-girl look.


You should LOVE your hair and I believe I can help make that happen. Let's create something beautiful together.


Xo, kJ

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